25 Years of Light in Jewish Venice


Adding Light for 25 years in Jewish Venice, in this historical place!

Many of you visited recently, and some of you were here long ago.

Looking through old photos, memories come flooding back.

Keep this light spreading, you’ve got a great opportunity to do a great mitzvah.  Donate today at


Enjoy Chanukah in Jewish Venice through the years! It’s incredible to think that the children in the photos now have children of their own!

Happy Chanukah from Venice a couple decades ago!

20141213_211701561_iOS 20141213_211333726_iOS  20141213_185118540_iOS 20141213_185052098_iOS

And the light continues to shine today through amazing programs & activities!

Making sure EVERYONE has what they need to celebrate the holidays! The Chabad Rabbinical Yeshiva students make Menorah and Candles deliveries in Venice and surrounding cities



Days of cutting, building, electric & painting in the cold




Raising the 600 Kilo Menorah in the 500 year-old Ghetto Square



Baking hundreds of Chanukah Donuts for residents and tourists



Honored with one of our special guests, Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Charlap lighting the candle on the first night.  Yes, his name is the one on all the Osem products.



Bringing unity and light!


20141216_162347775_iOS 20141216_163104888_iOS 20141216_174437122_iOS 20141216_174819913_iOS  20141216_175804566_iOS   20141216_183734000_iOS

The music video is great! http://1drv.ms/1wLpRff

After the quick video, remember to add some Chanukah gelt at www.jewishvenice.org so we can continue our work and be here for you, your family & friends.

Stay warm, hope to see you soon and Happy Chanukah!

p.s. you can subscribe to our Youtube channel for great one-minute weekly Torah videos at www.youtube.com/jewishvenice












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