Oh the memories!


Like the memory of this beautiful Holocaust survivor who enjoyed a Shabbat meal at GAM GAM.  She told me the cruise’s chaplain, a rabbi, hadn’t eaten meat for a week. With two cholent pots that stand higher than most small children, I quickly prepared some cholent to take-away…….with extra meat, of course :)!



Years later, she visited again, but this time,  with the Rabbi……whom she married!  The cholent that made a shidduch!




So many unforgettable memories! New friends, nachas from our yeshiva students who came back to visit after almost 20 years with their own families, classes for community members, whipping together unplanned birthday parties, sharing hafrashas challah with passersby, ensuring unexpected groups of traveling kids had kosher meals, first time tefillin for countless men including a few 80-somethings, the swirl of emotions of watching young girls light Shabbat candles with their Moms for the first time & many more— along with all the challenges of being on shlichus.


To each and every one of you, we think of you and look forward to your return! But until then, enjoy the memories!













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And stay tuned……we’ve got some big news coming up!  Arrivederci♥♥♥


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