Miracle after Miracle

IMG_1397  IMG_1380
Purim in Venice just can’t be beat! Costumes, music, dancing, food & fun was had by all!
Nissan was truly a Chodesh HaGeula in Venice. Starting with Torah & Tea, the ladies of Venice discussed practical advice from the Torah, for a positive approach to Pesach and to all of our lives.TorahandTeaMedia We discovered the power of Simcha, how it truly liberates us and its capacity to transform each day.  It’s not so much about what happens, but to what extent a person allows it to affect him.

IMG_2089After weeks of preparations, GAM GAM and the other Seder locations were cleaned and kashered for Pesach.  The 250 kilo of handmade Shmurah Matzah arrived & much was distributed to elderly &
families throughout North Italy, as well as to the travelers whom otherwise would not have had any at all.


Beautiful, fun and interactive seders were attended by hundreds of people from all over the FullSizeRenderworld.  It was truly an inspiration to see everyone as one big family & then connecting guests via email to continue their newly made friendships.

GAM GAM was bustling all through Chol HaMoed with hundreds of people who happily relied on having kosher l’Pesach
food available throughout their travels.


Plans for Lag B’Omer & Shavuot are already underway.  We’d love to have you join us for an Inspirational Shavuot with all the holiday meals, beautiful prayer services & a special dairy extravaganza on Sunday!  Details on http://www.jewishvenice.org  Hope to see you soon!

And remember, you can join almost 200 others and Subscribe to our YouTube channel “Jewish image2Venice” and receive a new “A Minute of Torah” video right to your inbox each week, in English & in Italian!  Even if you don’t have a YouTube account, you can Subscribe using your Gmail!  Help us spread Torah and good things by Liking & Sharing the videos too!  Thank you!


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